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Christiansunite is a Christian non-profit organization. Our headoffice is located in Ledeberg, East Flanders, Belgium. A group of Christians voluntarily started up this organization to help the poor and needy people, providing clothes and food, helping in their struggle of daily life and giving them confidence and prospect for the future. At Christiansunite we want to share our passion about God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

We believe in the holy bible and keep the 10 commandments. God is calling us, and together we answer Him with our heart and soul. Everybody is struggling in life, having pain and suffering because of evil doers. When we study the bible we find answers for our problems so we can start work on the healing process. For this reason we are committing ourselves to bond with the Almighty God and other churches to spread out the word of God to all the people on this earth.


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